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Project Details

Avani Fares Luxury Island Resort The Maldives - Managed by Minor International Group

Project Description

The Avani Fares Luxury Resort in the Maldives, managed by MINOR INTERNATIONAL, epitomizes opulence and precision engineering by ALBA. With an investment of USD 5.4 million, our dedicated team created an advanced MEP Master Network. This included procuring and installing four generators, four transformers, MV Panels, LV panels, RO plant, and a STP plant, seamlessly blending luxury with environmental sustainability.

Safety and security were paramount, with a cutting-edge fire protection and detection system and control panels for all pumps. Four colossal fuel tanks, each with a 75,000-liter capacity, along with a 30,000-liter tank and five 2,500-liter tanks, were integrated into a sophisticated fuel delivery system to guarantee uninterrupted power.

To enhance the resort’s elegance, our team designed and implemented a bespoke lighting control system for the front-of-house buildings, amounting to USD 2.8 million. The MEP system installation guaranteed luxury and comfort throughout the resort. Additionally, the HVAC system installation played a pivotal role in complementing the construction of a three-story building and two single-story buildings, with an investment of USD 2.2 million. In fact, as the sun sets over the tranquil turquoise waters of the Maldives, the Avani Fares Luxury Resort stands as a shining example of engineering excellence.